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A cloud HCM solution built for growth

You need a solution that’s built to suit you and that adapts to your needs, not something cobbled together from patchwork pieces of software. The right HCM solution can recruit, nurture, pay and train your employees, and provide you with the expertise you need to get your business growth on the right track.

HR and payroll aren’t simple processes to begin with, and they only get more complicated when your business starts to grow. It’s easy for things to fall between the cracks when your processes are spread across suppliers and pieces of software.
That’s why over two-thirds of global leaders want more unified HCM systems  -  all their people processes on one platform, with one supplier, who knows everything about their people. The benefits of which include:  

HCM Software PL - business box


The connection of disparate systems

Wrangling with disparate systems isn’t just time-consuming, it can be disastrous if something goes wrong with one of your processes, or if your HR and payroll teams make an understandable mistake when transferring data from one system to another. You’ll save time and money and reduce risk with one unified solution, and one trusted supplier to turn to if problems or questions arise.  

A single view of your employees

Global leaders manage, on average, <a href="https://www.adp.com/tools-and-resources/adp-research-institute/insights/insight-item-detail.aspx?id=4734d605-bc7c-4dc1-ac5c-62728087a475">33 payroll and 31 HR systems</a>. When you’re constantly having to collate and compare employee information from different providers, it’s hard to make informed decisions about your human capital. You need an HCM solution that gives you a single view of your employee data, so there’s no time wasted gathering data from multiple pieces of software; you can create reports, conduct analyses, and make decisions fast.  

A future-proofed HCM platform

ADP’s HR experts can work with you to find a mix of solutions that’s right for you, adding new capabilities as the need arises. Planning an expansion? We’ll find a mix of solutions that handles your recruitment and training. Taking on contract workers? We’ll set you up with a time-recording solution that integrates automatically with your payroll. 

Using a combination of outsourced services, a wide range of seamlessly connected HCM Cloud solutions, and our people’s expertise, ADP’s HCM solutions can handle all of your people processes. That means:

  1. Less time managing platforms and re-inputting data for you and your employees
  2. Faster analytics and decision-making, thanks to one unified view of your employee data
  3. Choosing the solution that’s right for you – start simple with outsourced payroll, and add new capabilities as your business needs them
  4. Access to experts on the ground to advise you on staying compliant and finding the right solutions for you 

Are you ready for the future of HR &amp; HCM?
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ADP’s HCM solutions are shaped around your business, and they’re designed to adapt to your business as it evolves.

That means, once you’ve invested in ADP Payroll Cloud, you only need to add on other capabilities as you need them.   ADP’s team of experts know HR and payroll inside-out. They’ll work to:  
  1. Find the right combination of solutions for you and your people
  2. Re-evaluate your needs each time your business evolves to make sure your people processes are always smooth, complete and compliant
  3. Keep you up-to-date with the latest developments in HR and payroll
When you set up your HCM solution, you’ll start out with ADP Payroll Cloud - the bedrock of our HCM solutions, designed to make payroll fuss-free and integrate seamlessly with your HR processes.   After that, we’ll help you choose which of our HCM solutions are right for your business:

When you set up your HCM solution, you’ll start out with ADP Payroll Cloud - the bedrock of our HCM solutions, designed to make payroll fuss-free and integrate seamlessly with your HR processes.

After that, we’ll help you choose which of our HCM solutions are right for your business:


ADP HR Core Administration

Cloud-based tools that drive employee productivity, help you manage your teams and connect more closely with your staff.

ADP Time Cloud

Help employees track and enter their time easily, with automated workflows and flexble support that anticipates their needs.

ADP Data Cloud

A single view of your employee data that allows you to present, collate and analyse employee information, so you can get answers faster and make important decisions in good time.

ADP Talent Cloud

Recruit, hire, train and assess employees easily, from one platform.

Solutions Selector

Our extensive set of HR and Payroll solutions are designed to support you at every stage of the employee life cycle, and they cover everything – from digitising processes, to regular compliance updates and reporting.We’ve created this solution selector, so you can find the ones that fit your needs. Simply tick your business requirements to get more information on how we can help you.


We have three different levels which vary by solution:

  1. Processing Services: we host the platform, administer upgrades and provide 8/5 support. The client takes care of data entry in addition to validating the accuracy of the data output.
  2. Managed Services / Outsourced: we host the platform, administer upgrades and provide 8/5 support. In this instance, ADP rather than the client validate the accuracy of the data output. The client submits the data in an agreed format to ADP for processing.
  3. Comprehensive Services (COS): we host the platform, administer upgrades, provide 24/7 support and handle all your payroll obligations, including employee requests through a helpdesk (only available for ADP® GlobalView).

Want to talk HCM?

ADP is a global enterprise made up of local experts, dedicated to helping businesses of every size, from every industry, and in every country transform their HR and payroll. We’re dedicated to making people processes seamless for you and your employees, whatever form your business takes. Speak to one of our HR and payroll experts to see how our solutions can work for you.



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